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Noble emissions … Roush’s mission

Ensuring that automotive engines meet current and known future emissions legislation is a tough challenge in itself … getting there without compromising the power and performance of a supercar is a significant achievement. Yet that is exactly what Roush has done with the highly acclaimed Noble M12 GTO 3 – and within a timeframe of less than four months!

The Noble uses a twin-turbocharged version of Ford’s 3-litre V6 Duratec engine – a unit about which Roush engineers gained a detailed knowledge during the development programme on the successful ST220 Mondeo. The Noble extracts a massive 360bhp from the engine – a feature which puts it in the elite class of British-built supercars.

Commissioning Roush to undertake the work, Noble Automotive’s Lee Noble was uncompromising. "We were clear that we had to achieve at least Euro III emissions compliance without losing the power we have currently in the car".

At Roush, the project has been led by senior engineer, Trevor Jasper, working closely with Noble’s Engine Management System supplier, MBE. "Our work so far has been focused on two areas. Firstly, we have developed and extended the EMS functionality to precisely control every aspect of the engine-out emissions. Secondly, we have installed larger catalysts into the Noble’s existing exhaust system, but importantly, without sacrificing the power output of the engine".

Roush Powertrain Development Manager, Paul Turner says, "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Noble Automotive – and to demonstrate that such a performance oriented car can also meet the strictest European emissions levels. The concept phase of the project, which proves that the Noble is capable of Euro III emissions, is now complete. However, the results we have achieved are actually close to Euro IV levels - so that will be our next target. With full European On-Board Diagnostics (EOBD) as well, we expect the car to be ready for type approval next year".

The development car has already passed three consecutive compliance tests at Ford’s Aveley Emissions Laboratories in Essex. The latest on the project is that Roush engineers, working with John Noble Motorsport, who hand build the engines for Noble Automotive, have successfully incorporated some new development parts and have raised the power output to 400bhp, whilst still retaining emissions compliance. The programme continues.

Text and photos: Roush Technologies Limited

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