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2004 Startech Chrysler Crossfire
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The STARTECH Tuning Program for the Chrysler Crossfire

The new Chrysler Crossfire’s fascination stems from its unique design. STARTECH adds to the fascination of the American two-seater with various levels of engine tuning and sporty accessories.

The coupe is normally powered by a 3.2-liter V6 engine with 218 hp / 160 kW. STARTECH offers four levels of tuning for the Crossfire. The STARTECH ST6 performance kit with two sport camshafts and custom valve springs increases power output of the six-cylinder to 233 hp / 171 kW. An added metal catalysts system and the STARTECH sport rear muffler turn this kit into the STARTECH ST6 S performance kit with 243 hp / 179 kW at 5,800 rpm.

STARTECH also offers the proven method of increasing performance by increasing displacement for the Crossfire. In addition to the STARTECH 3.8 increased-displacement engine with 280 hp / 206 kW STARTECH offers the STARTECH 3.8 S engine, which represents the top end of the STARTECH lineup.

A custom crankshaft with longer stroke, precision-balanced piston rods, larger pistons and an increased bore facilitate the displacement increase to 3.8 liters. In addition the cylinder heads are precision-machined and fitted with custom STARTECH camshafts. High-performance metal catalysts, a sport rear muffler and precise calibration of the engine electronics complete the extensive engine conversion.

The STARTECH 3.8 S increased-displacement engine runs silky smooth and produces low emissions, while at the same time delivering exceptional performance: Rated power output increases from standard 218 hp / 160 kW to 300 hp / 220 kW at 5,750 rpm. Even more important for increased driving fun is the improved elasticity through an increase in torque: The STARTECH 3.8 S engine produces a peak torque of 395 Nm.

Performance of the tuned coupe is on a correspondingly high level: Acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h takes just 5.9 seconds, top speed is 271 km/h.

The fully stainless-steel STARTECH sport rear muffler is also available without engine tuning.

Sporty yet elegant STARTECH aerodynamic-enhancement parts give the Crossfire an even more exciting appearance: The STARTECH front spoiler not only gives the coupe a more striking face and more passing prestige: The aerodynamic-enhancement part also reduces lift on the front axle further improving directional stability at high speeds

The sides of the Chrysler two-seater become more striking with the addition of excitingly styled STARTECH side gills and chrome-design mirror covers as well as the STARTECH side sills.

The rear of the Crossfire is adorned with the two-piece STARTECH rear diffuser for the production apron, the STARTECH roof spoiler and the STARTECH rear spoiler, which deploys together with the production spoiler.

Another important contribution to the exclusive appearance of the STARTECH-tuned coupe comes from the 19/20-inch staggered tires custom-developed for this car. The front axle is fitted with multi- piece STARTECH Monostar V multi-spoke wheels in size 8.5Jx19 with Pirelli tires in size 235/35 ZR 19. In the rear 9.5Jx20 wheels with 255/30 ZR 20 high-performance tires provide optimal traction.

For even more agile handling characteristics STARTECH offers two levels of suspension tuning. With the help of STARTECH sport springs the ride height of the Crossfire can be lowered by some 30 millimeters. Alternatively the comfortable STARTECH sport suspension with gas-pressure shocks and linear sport springs is available for even sportier handling of the two-seater.

Another focal point of customizing the Crossfire is the interior: STARTECH offers a multitude of chic and useful accessories for the coupe: Among them are brushed stainless-steel sill plates with illuminated STARTECH logo, an ergonomically shaped STARTECH sport steering wheel and even a fully leather interior crafted from Mastik leather, an especially soft and breathable type of leather that is yet highly durable.

STARTECH applications from hand-made silver exposed carbon for dashboard, center console, door panels, shift knob and emergency brake lever add sporty highlights.

In addition there are such exclusive accessories as the high-quality STARTECH velour floor mats, the STARTECH cargo cover with integrated partition netting. A VDO Dayton MS 4200 RS navigation system can further be stylishly integrated into the two-seat interior.

Text and photos: Startech

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