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2006 Je Design Leon Wide Body
Je Design Seat Leon Wide Body gallery: 6 photos >>

Je Design Seat Leon WIDE-BODY - very impressive ...

Hardly six months since the release of the first complete conversion kit, JE DESIGN well-known as a SEAT tuning specialist, is now presenting the highlight of its Leon suite – a wide body with wing doors. JE DESIGN also gives the new turbo-charged petrol engine an extra boost.

  • Complete aerodynamics suite "Wide Body" and LSD gullwing doors
  • Power boost to approx. 180 kW / 244 bhp and 355 Nm
  • 18 inch set of wheels "Visage" and coil-over suspension

The direct injection TFSI engine, which VW has recently started to fit, promises a great deal of tuning potential. By means of modification to the engine management system, JE DESIGN squeezes 180/(244) kW/(bhp) and 355 Nm from this 2 litre turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, which otherwise generates 136/(185) kW/(bhp) and 270 Nm in the Seat Leon. This power boost enables this handsome Spaniard to race along 21 km/h faster than the standard version. Even more impressive than the top speed of 242 km/h is the awesome acceleration. The 6.4 seconds it takes to sprint from 0 to 100 instead of the standard 7.8 speak for themselves! The acceleration boost is available from JE DESIGN for 1449 euros and comes complete with a TÜV parts certificate. Needless to say, after this power enhancement, the engine still complies with the EI regulations.

Wider body, broader grin!

The Seat Leon makes a mighty impression after JE DESIGN has fitted it out with its wide body conversion kit. JE DESIGN starts off comparatively tamely at the front with a new front grille without a badge including a grille insert for 99 euros. Headlight lens covers (79 euros) lend this Spaniard a more serious "look". However, on reaching the side-mounted body styling elements, it becomes clear that we are not dealing with just an ordinary tuning job here. This is because JE DESIGN fits the Leon with a 10-piece wheel arch extension kit for 1299 euros, which enables the Leon to fill out any rear-view mirror that little bit more than usual. The knowledge of this effect magically compels the driver to sport a broad grin across his face when overtaking. A set of side sills for 299 euros go to complete the tuning on the sides.

JE DESIGN’s front spoiler (249 euros) and the boot-lid rear spoiler (439 euros) produce a lift-reducing effect. The rear view is rounded off by the JE-DESIGN rear apron attachment (359 euros), which can be used both with the standard-fitted rear silencer as well as the awesome-sounding 4-pipe rear silencer specially produced in stainless steel by JE DESIGN. The latter features two dual tailpipes (diameter 90 mm) and is available from JE DESIGN for 839 euros.


To lend their vehicles an even more stylish look, chrome fetishists will not be able to resist ordering the 4-piece JE-DESIGN B-post decoration "3 D Chrom" with chrome inlays including a rear door surround for the price of 129 euros. Complementing this is the set of door handle surrounds (45 euros) in addition to the trim panel for the lower boot lid edge (49 euros).

So that the broader Seat Leon can run rings around the competition, JE DESIGN equips it with a coil-over suspension, which allows the suspension to be lowered between 35 and 65 mm to suit the driver’s individual taste. Without doubt a sound investment for the 919 euros it costs. Drivers who now order the LSD doors (1599 euros) can boast having one of today’s hottest rides.

Standard wheel rims? Absolute "No go!" for JE DESIGN ! But rather its proprietary set of wheels VISAGE (2-piece rim design with titanium bolts) in the dimension 10 x 18 ET 31 with size 255/35 ZR 18 tyres for 2516 euros. Certainly worth showing off.

Text and photos: Je Design

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