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2006 Je Design Audi A8
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Audi A8 Kompressor by Je Design

Je Design from Leingarten/Germany, a long-standing specialist for Audi tuning, is presenting as the world’s premier tuner a comprehensive customising suite for the new Audi A8.

A front spoiler with enlarged air inlets and additional side vents lend the Audi an impressive front appearance besides generating greater downforce and, as such, enhanced driving stability. Side sills with air intakes per set enhance the air supply in the wheel arches and make the A8 look lower. The rear view is adorned by a rear spoiler on the boot lid, which produces greater downforce on the rear axle, plus a rear valance attachment with diffuser. It is also possible to keep the sensors of a PARC acoustic system from the series model. Moreover, Je Design offers cartridges for double headlights consisting of fog lamps and upper beam headlights for the front bumper.

A completely new development in the form of a chrome-plated 4-pipe rear silencer system with a tailpipe diameter of 101 mm produces a sporty V 8 sound and also has a performance-enhancing effect.

246 kW/335HP and 430 Nm – the serial Audi A8. After a Kompressor-Kit and a modified enginer management the Audi A8 gets about 368 kW/500HP. The topspeed of this Audi A8 is about 303 km/h. The Audi shoot the passenger serial in 6,3 seconds to 100 km/h, but not the Je Design tuned! The driver of the V8 Kompressor reach the 100 km/h in 4,8 seconds!

Text and photos: Je Design

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