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2006 Je Design Volkswagen Touareg
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Wide SUV of your dreams: The VW Touareg V 8- K "Wide Body" from JE DESIGN

It's time for the VW Touareg to fill out a little. The VW tuning specialists at JE DESIGN in Leingarten are currently concentrating on body widening kits, and providing just such a treat for the big guy from Wolfsburg. An engine tuning package for the 4.2 liter V8 gas unit helps the SUV to achieve the kind of performance that drivers of its sister model, the Porsche Cayenne, have been enjoying for some time now. The first customer for this JE DESIGN creation is a sheikh from Dubai, who made the new love of his life available for a local photo shoot.

Brute supercharger power!

The 4.2 V8 borrowed from Audi delivers 228 kW/310 bhp and 410 Nm in the Touareg. This engine is well up to the task of moving the 2.3-ton-plus SUV, with its comprehensive equipment package. But superior performance is a different matter. JE DESIGN achieves this by fitting a supercharger, along with an adapted engine management system. Power output: 368 kW/500 bhp. Whereas the standard production model of the Touareg reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.1 seconds, its supercharged JE DESIGN derivative gets there in 5.6 seconds. The standard 225 km/h (140 mph) becomes an incredible 273 km/h (170 mph). 600 Nm of torque make overtaking a piece of cake. Any more questions? The upgraded engines naturally comply with emissions regulations and come with a TЬV parts certificate.

Even more powerful appearance

The sporty styling package for the "Wide Body" conversion is comprised of several components of the highest quality and the most accurate fit, giving the Touareg an even more powerful appearance. The complete front fender for vehicles with Park Distance Control (PDC) has a row of cooling vents that are primarily there to protect the upgraded engines from dying of heatstroke. To go with that there is a set of side sills with an air vent for rear brake cooling, a stabilizing roof spoiler, a rear skirt extension for vehicles with PDC, plus a tailgate attachment for the lower tailgate area. The boring standard headlights are finally tuned into respectable "peepers" by means of the twin headlight unit, including fog lights and high beams. The complete body kit also includes special wheel arch extensions.

The two stainless steel tailpipes for the left and right-hand sides are another eye-catcher (each pipe is 84mm in diameter), giving the rear end a bulky look. The electronic lowering module that JE DESIGN offers for lowering vehicles with air suspension is an absolute must-have. After it has been installed, the gap between the body and the road surface is reduced by about 35mm.

22" wheels and wider track

JE DESIGN fits 295/30 R 22 Y tires to the AZEV R, 10 x 22" ET 50 wheel rim, providing a complete set of wheels. Logically enough, the not exactly undersize wheels would not do themselves justice on the "Wide Body" Touareg if JE DESIGN did not make one more small adjustment to the track. The auto-tuners from Leingarten widen the track by 60mm at the front and 80mm at the rear using aluminum spacers. And voilа: your dream SUV is complete!

Text and photos: Je Design

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