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2006 StudioTorino RK Coupe
StudioTorino RK Coupe tuning program for Porsche Cayman gallery: 5 photos >>

StudioTorino RK Coupe

The body and the detailing of the RK Coupé are the second example of what it is meant by fine sports cars. As with the Spyder, it will be a limited edition production of no more than 49 vehicles built upon-request. The details and mechanics of each car will be personalized to fit the desires and needs of our client. The prototype model number for the RK Coupé was P rototype C 1/1.

Once again, StudioTorino has partnered with Ruf Automobile who is the developer and the builder of all the mechanical, performance, and certification aspects. For this reason the RK Coupé bears the StudioTorino logo on the sides and on the wheels while the Ruf logo is on the engine and on the hood; on the left side of the windsheld the chassi number of the Ruf Automobile.

Together they create a line of distinctive auto bodies.

The RK Coupé offers the same quality and emotions as the Spyder but caters to the client who wants to be protected from the elements. Purposely snug and sporty, the enveloping interior provides for a comfortable driving experience.Inspired by the great classics but with an eye towards the future the distinctive feature of this car body is the rear trunk.

The Porsche 904 and the Dino 246 GT were the inspiration.

This Coupé is understated, not large and not brash. It is tailored to the pilot and co-pilot like an haute-couture dress.

It is powerful, but not excessively. Its Ruf powerplant revs up and guarantees 440 bhp (323 kW), but mostly delivers a very high torque at any RPM. Shall we talk about speed? Let's say about 300 km/h . True and “easy” to reach –but let's not forget legal speed limits.

As with the Spyder, leading industry partners and service providers have designed, manufactured, and provided, purposely and for this off-set model only, technologically advanced components such as alloy wheels, tires, braking systems, enamels, luxury leather interiors and carbon-fiber seats.

The first P rototype C 1/1 was personalized for StudioTorino . All successive models will be designed according to the personality, taste and needs of those friends and clients who share our same passion for refined and exclusive objects. The RK Coupé is handcrafted and of extraordinary quality with the dependability of Ruf mechanics.

The body of the RK Coupé , including the bumpers, is in part a modification and in part an ex novo construction. All that is left of the original body is the front left fender. The materials used for the custom body are aluminum sheets, steel sheets and carbon fibers.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the car, owing to the know-how of StudioTorino is the painting process applied to P rototype C 1/1. Following the complete manual re-working of the surface, the painting process requires 14 coats of colored primers, pigment bases, inks and transparent paint. This meticulous process achieves intense depth and the best light reflection effects on the body.

Two “jewels” of the project cannot go unnoticed: the fuel tank lid, and the mufflers. Milled from forged aluminum and hand finished, they have been manufactured following an exclusive design. Due to the re-working of the rear hood a new rear windshield has been custom built by ISOCLIMA, a leading Italian firm. Both the certification code and the StudioTorino logo have been silk-screened onto the glass.

Every StudioTorino name plate has been hand made one by one by RAGNI, an historic Turin company. Name plates have also been placed above the side air intakes of the rear fenders, on the center caps and in the car interior.

The wheels are another aesthetic singularity of the RK Coupé . The rims have been designed and manufactured by TOORA. Exclusively developed for the Spyder and the Coupé, they are made of forged aluminum, composed of three pieces and have five spokes.

DUNLOP has supplied the SP SPORT MAXX tires and BREMBO the braking system with aluminum brackets and cast iron discs.

The rear hood is completely new. Consequently, the interiors have taken on a significant aesthetic role. The dividing wall behind the seats has been restyled in order to allow the rear windshield to be placed vertically in a new configuration.

All leather interiors have been hand upholstered with luxury leather in conjunction with SALT.
The prototype C1/1 has been upholstered with an exclusive POLTRONA FRAU leather.

The carbon fiber seats have been designed and built by TOORA .

As for the choice of the “heart” of the Coupé by StudioTorino , the client has the option of choosing, together with Alois Ruf, the type of engine preferred. According to his needs, the client may choose between an aspirated engine, an injection engine, a Kompressor engine or a turbo engine.

Prototype C 1/2 carries a RUF 3.8 litre Kompressor engine.

Power and torque are high at any RPM. The basis of this Kompressor engine is a centrifugal compressor with a planetary gearbox –a kind of mechanical turbo charger, which is driven mechanically by a Poly-Rip belt. The maximum boost is 0,7 bar. The engine has a RUF designed intake manifold, modified injectors, sports catalytic converters and a modified electronic engine management system. The water-cooled charge cooler has a cooling water circuit with an electric water pump from the water cooler in the front spoiler.

The supercharged 3.8 litre engine of the RK Coupé provides a 440 bhp (325 kW) at 7,000 RPM and 501.4 Nm torque at 5,500 RPM.

The acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph ) of the 3.8 litre RK Coupé with a RUF Kompressor Engine takes only 4.3 sec., from 0 – 200 km/h (0 – 125 mph ) only 13.0 sec. The maximum speed is over 300 km/h ( 195 mph ).

StudioTorino RK Coupe tuning program for Porsche Cayman gallery: 5 photos >>

Text and photos: StudioTorino

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