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2006 Heico Sportiv Volvo S80
Heico Sportiv tuning program for Volvo S80 gallery: 4 photos >>

For the market introduction of the new S80, HEICO SPORTIV presents a worldwide first, the fully customized S80

The second generation S80 features innovative technology, sporty but elegant design, and a high build standard that caters to discerning owners. For the S80, HEICO SPORTIV underlines these character traits and accentuates it's advantages.

The VOLUTION® V. looks like it was made for the S80. The five spoke wheel with its timeless design, is available in 8x18", 8x19" and 8.5x20" and are all direct-bolt fitments requiring no special body modifications for fitment. For the those seeking further individuality, along with the sporty color "bright silver", the VOLUTION® wheel is available in the Limited edition color "TITAN". This colour is available for 20" and the 18" VOLUTION® X. wheel.

Sport springs make the picture complete. The specially designed springs lower the car both front and rear by 30mm. Springs offer a more aggressive stance and crisper turn in. For sportier performance, we recommend the HEICO complete sport-suspension kit, which offers more direct feedback and even sharper handling control. A tradition of HEICO SPORTIV: all suspensions are tested and developed at the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. Full suspension kits will arrive December 2006.

In the engine compartment, the main focus of HEICO SPORTIV, the software has not been left untouched. For the 2.5litre common-rail-diesel D5 - also used in the XC90 - 210 hp and 460 Nm are available. This added power results in 0-100 km/h runs in less than eight seconds, with a top speed of up to 235 km/h. HEICO SPORTIV is developing ECU tuning that will help the 2.5T reach 245 hp and 360 Nm of torque. These power upgrades are achieved by programming the original ECU, but without effecting the important OE engine diagnostics and security settings. Factory updates are still functional, and the comes with a 36 month warranty. This is unique in the Volvo tuning market.

A real eye-catcher, and ear-catcher as well, is the stainless-steel exhaust system for the Volvo S80. Two chrome oval 120x74 mm exhaust tips are available in the typical HEICO-design with the left-right look. The system is available for the 2.4D, D5, 2.5T and the 3.2 engines. For the V8 AWD S80 we will offer a specially designed 4 tip sport exhaust system with round sport tips. Both versions are made of the finest available materials, proper fit, and can push the engine's power up six horsepower.

Still in development: aluminum pedals, stainless-steel entrance trim, leather gear shift lever, sport air-filter, and aerodynamic components including a front and rear-spoiler.

Heico Sportiv tuning program for Volvo S80 gallery: 4 photos >>

Text and photos: Heico Sportiv

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