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2008 H&R BMW 1 Coupe 135i
H&R BMW 1 Coupe 135i gallery: 6 photos >>

2008 H&R BMW 1 Coupe 135i

H&R BMW 1-series: a little coupé and a whole lot of fun

In the top 135i version, 306 hp of power and 400 Nm of torque propel the rear wheels of the new 1-series coupé. Sporty spring kits and chassis suspensions from H&R can transform this sheer performance into pure driving fun, not only coming very close to the Carrera in terms of engine performance, but also with regard to the driving experience. The spring kits bring this small coupé some 40 to 60 millimetres closer to the asphalt and are the perfect addition for all available engine sizes.

The same applies for the Cup Kit complete suspension. The spring/damper package makes the car that touch sportier, while retaining sufficient comfort for general daily use. The adjustable coilover comes recommended for the very sporty and accomplished driver, making it possible to lower the suspension by 40 to 60 millimetres. With this version, you will notice H&R’s many years of motorsport experience in every corner. Combined with everyday driving needs, this provides the best and keenest compromise between the two “worlds”.

Further highlights can be achieved by using TRAK+ wheel spacers, made from a high-strength aluminium alloy, regardless of whether you wish to combine them with factory or aftermarket rims. These allow you to perfect the look of the otherwise usually less-than-attractive recess between the tyre shoulder and wing. Furthermore, the wider contact area of the vehicle improves the driving dynamics.

This comprehensive range is now on offer from H&R-Spezialfedern. Apart from the usual H&R quality, all parts come with TÜV certification or an ABE (vehicle type approval certificate).

H&R BMW 1 Coupe 135i gallery: 6 photos >>

Text and photos: H&R

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