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2008 GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper
GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper gallery: 8 photos >>

2008 GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper
2008 GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper
2008 GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper
2008 GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper

GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper

GeigerCars.de, Bavaria’s specialist for high performance American cars has brought the most recent version of Dodge Viper to Germany.

The true elemental force of the New World, the very essence of power, the snake with the sharpest bite, are just some of the headlines attempting to sum up the unmatchable strength of the Dodge Viper. The crew at Karl Geiger’s Munich headquarters for US Car Imports has opened a new chapter in the history of Dodge Viper. The 2008 Version of this impressive seller has been newly granted the TÜV seal of approval. This snake has all the attributes needed to leave all others behind in the dust.

Entirely overhauled: the engine

Let’s start with its capacity. The tried and true motto – engine capacity can only be replaced by more capacity – still holds true. Currently its capacity lies at 8.4 liters. The engine possesses ten cylinders which all have an inner diameter of exactly 10.34cm. With a deviation of 10.06cm the engine now produces a horsepower of 612 and a torque of 560lb-ft (760Nm) by means of crankshaft and transmission on the rear wheels. This level of strength required modifications to the engine which were carried out by Chrysler Tuning’s Street and Racing Technology Division with the help of McLaren Performance Technologies. The engine itself has been installed lengthwise and is the proud owner of 356 T6 aluminum alloy cylinder barrels, which have been molded from one single block.

Techniques for optimized cooling of the engine block such as reinforced partitions, more efficient water jackets, new aluminum cylinder heads with CNC formed combustion chambers, larger valves, variable and electronically monitored valve control, individual spark coils for each cylinder, platinum spark plugs, a larger oil pump and an adapted race car engine style oil induction system are just some of the additions that were made. These modifications allow the powerhouse to reach 100hp and 37lb-ft (50Nm) more torque than Chrysler’s Viper now on offer in Germany. An exhaust manifold not only provides a more efficient cleansing of the engine but is in line with the strict US emission standards.

Revamped clutch: More effective for everyday use

The new higher performance two-disc clutch produced in Germany not only separates engine and transmission. It guarantees more comfort – that well known “jerking” at lower speeds occurring in former models is a thing of the past, giving the 2008 Viper an impressive level of stability for daily use (especially in city traffic). The power of the engine comes from a 6-gear Tremec T56 manual transmission mounted on the back axel. The patented Dana Hydra-Lok limited slip differential is speed-sensing and ensures that this superpower can effectively take to the streets as “slip free” as possible. Supported by its two 19 inch wheels with their 345/30 ZR 19 ultra high performance tires, the Viper rages from 0 to 62mph (100km/h) in 3.6 seconds and its enormous kick keeps on kicking up to 202mph or 325km/h.

The chassis: an inspiration from race car tradition

The undercarriage has been overhauled at the factory in Auburn Hills. Years of experience from the tradition of race car driving influence its design. The 2008 Viper’s most significant features are: independent wheel suspension with double, aluminum, triangular transverse control arms both above and below on the front and rear axles, gas pressurized shock absorbers, coil springs and new anti-sway bars. With these new measures the often criticized nervous “swaying” of the rear is now a thing of the past.

A high performance braking system from Brembo

Making sure that this power and driving performance remains in check requires no special formula, all it takes is a Brembo braking system with brake disks designed for tires the size of a compact car: 14 inches and if necessary the approximately 4.5m long dazzling snake can be equipped with anti-lock brakes. The ride comes to a complete standstill after 100ft (30.5m) when braking at a speed of 60mph (96.5km/h). The Viper 2008 GeigerCars.de Import is and remains the ultimate vehicle for active drivers.

Its sharp style

This version of the Viper has an outer design that fits to its name, most notably is its large air scoops and its aeration plates under the hood - each appropriately fulfilling its role of providing the engine with sufficient fresh air. All potential “snake tamers“ are now able to choose from a range of professional colors which can be combined with the trade mark two toned racing stripes: venom red, snakeskin green, viper violet, viper orange, and bright blue are all on offer. The racing stripes are available in six different colors.

The perfect compliment: Its features and options

Xenon headlights, multilevel and releasable airbags, adjustable pedals and a tire pressure monitoring system are just some of the security features designed for this series. All Vipers are fitted at the factory with racing seats in partial leather with Alcantar accents, a leather steering wheel, air conditioning, power locks, multilevel airbags for driver and front seat passenger, alarm and navigation systems, as well as an audio system with 310watts, six speakers and a subwoofer. On top of all this, a variety of covers for the dashboard and the center console as well as many additional options for customization are available.

GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper gallery: 8 photos >>

Text and photos: GeigerCars.de

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