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2009 TechArt Porsche Cayenne with led lights
2009 TechArt Porsche Cayenne with led lights

Essen 2008: TechArt led lights for Porsche Cayenne

TECHART presents a new daytime running light system for the Porsche Cayenne. World debut at the Essen Motor Show on November 28th, 2008.

The new multifunctional TECHART daytime running light does not only apply a distinctive styling to the Porsche Cayenne exterior. It combines daylight running lamps, position light, parking light and direction indicators in one LED system unit and a common housing. And therefore integrates seamlessly with the exterior design.

Luminous intensity is automatically adjusted depending on the selected driving light. In addition, the daytime running light is self-dimming during indicating for more safety during turning maneuvers.

The utilized LED technology ensures a longer service life than conventional bulbs. In addition, the LEDs work energy efficient.

These features make the multifunctional TECHART daytime running light system both, a sophisticated design element as well as a contribution to active safety. At day and night.

The system is available from January 2009 for the Porsche models Cayenne GTS, Cayenne Turbo and Cayenne Turbo S as well as for all TECHART Magnum conversions based on the current Porsche Cayenne models.

Text and photos: TechArt

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