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2011 Lexus LFA 'Nürburgring Package'
Lexus LFA 'Nürburgring Package' gallery: 2 photos >>


Geneva 2011: Lexus LFA 'Nürburgring Package'

Nearly 3 months after the start of production of the standard car, Lexus will debut the 'Nürburgring Package' version of the LFA. Aimed at customers who prefer their car to be even more track focused, this special edition is limited to a maximum of 50 from the total LFA production run of 500.

The LFA was created out of an R&D programme, the results of which will benefit forthcoming Lexus and Toyota products. For instance, Lexus is producing and assembling Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) components in-house, where the LFA project has served as an important research test-bed for the development of new, automated CFRP production processes.

Lexus LFA 'Nürburgring Package' gallery: 2 photos >>

Text and photos: Lexus

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