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Dotz BMW M2 Coupe
Dotz BMW M2 Coupe gallery: 6 photos >>

Dotz BMW M2 Coupe
Dotz BMW M2 Coupe
Dotz BMW M2 Coupe
Dotz BMW M2 Coupe

BMW M2 Coupe, ultimate fun in a white outfit

Itís a Saturday morning. Leobersdorf Ė a small municipality in Lower Austria populated by barely 5,000 Ė is in a deep slumber of blissful peace and the first sunrays. Thereís no better way to start such a Saturday morning than with a composition of power and sound laced with a sporty, beastly note in the form of a BMW M2 Coupe.

At a first glance, owner Stefan’s alpine-white M2 looks rather peaceful, but the just 3.0-litre longitudinal fitted straight six-cylinder boasting 370hp packs quite a punch.

The M GmbH in Garching made sure that this model includes the tried and tested features as well, such as balanced weight distribution, low centre of gravity and, of course, the classic rear-wheel drive.

If you look at the front of the what seems to be a well-behaved six-unit, an aggressive and beefy front spoiler featuring widened wings will catch your eye, with front wings that are more than 2-inch and rear wings even 3-inch wider than the standard 2 Series Coupe. Under the massive wings lie the largely unchanged BMW M3 and M4 front and rear axles.

The new recessed 20-inch Dotz Revvo with the classic Y spokes allow the M2 Coupe to hit the road with a 465NM torque. The 265 tyres enable you to fully tap any resulting lateral dynamics potential.

The performance exhaust system provides the adequate background music.

Whether stationary or in motion, this car will seriously pull up the corners of your mouth.

One thing is for sure, Stefan has managed to combine looks and performance in an optimal way.

Dotz BMW M2 Coupe gallery: 6 photos >>

Text and photos: Dotz

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