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Mar 14, 2017

Mansory Bentley Bentayga

Geneva 2017: Mansory has enhanced the Bentley Bentayga to create its ‘Black Edition’ luxury SUV.

There’s no doubt about it - MANSORY knows what they’re doing when it comes to refining luxury automobiles. With their tuning programme for the all-terrain Bentayga from the British luxury brand Bentley, the Bavarian brand MANSORY has established themselves as the first port of call for sporting accessories and exciting bodywork design.

With a depth of manufacturing unparalleled in the tuning segment, the 200-employee strong company presents itself as a modern manufacturer with its own team of highly qualified specialists. From working on designs, constructing models through 'baking' the carbon bodywork parts in autoclaves, MANSORY offers a complete in-house reworking of the Bentayga's aerodynamics. The result: a wide construction style combined with an enhanced vehicle silhouette as well as additional output for achieving increased speed in corners.


The nose of the MANSORY "Black Edition" has been fully enhanced with a complete apron, including integrated front lip made from visible carbon fibre as well as additional LED daytime running lights. The front grill has also received a carbon fibre facelift with the ultra-light carbon hood completing the front of the vehicle.

On the flanks, striking MANSORY extensions ensure a consistent design and make the Bentayga appear not only more powerful, but deeper looking and wider. To reduce lift on the rear axle, MANSORY technicians developed a beautifully formed spoiler for mounting onto the tailgate, as well as a matching 2-part roof spoiler. In addition, a new rear skirt with diffuser sets ideally complements the two double tailpipes of the sport exhaust system. Numerous components made from visible carbon fibre, such as trim, mirror housing and air inlets vents complete the bodywork programme. Countless components from the carbon fibre Collage Edition, including mouldings, mirror housings and air inlet vents, add striking new highlights to the bodywork in its Liquid Black design.

One of the technical highlights of the Bentayga refinement programme is the new light-weight wheel named the Y5/1. These one-piece cast wheel unite sportiness and elegance. Narrow spokes enable optimal dissipation of the frictional heat generated by the brakes and further emphasise the dynamism of the wheels. The diamond-polished rim surface, on the other hand, underlines the car's noble aesthetic. The oversized combination of wheels and tyres measures 10.5 x 23 inches and features Continental tyres with dimensions of 295/35ZR23, which fully utilise the maximum wheel diameter currently enabled by the front and rear wheel arches. The Y5/1 is also already available as a 22 inch forged wheel and will soon be part of the refinement programme as a cast wheel.

The centrepiece of MANSORY's refinement programme is a powerful performance increase. The scope of the upgrade includes a sports silencer and a new engine management. The result for the Bentley Bentayga's 12-cylinder engine is an astounding performance of 701PS/515kW as well as increased torque now totalling 1050Nm. In addition, the top speed is approx. 10km/h higher than standard.

Following the traditions of the Bentley brand, which place a great deal of emphasis on comfort, luxury and sportiness in the interior cabin, MANSORY now offers the finest in interior applications to match the car's superior credentials. Sporty accents can be found in the aluminium pedal set and stylishly designed airbag steering wheel. Individually stitched foot mats and luscious touches of visible carbon fibre add gravitas to the masterfully created full-leather upholstery. As with all other MANSORY products – everything is in hand-crafted quality.

Text and photos: Mansory